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auto Lensometer

  • auto Lensometer
  • auto Lensometer
  • auto Lensometer
  • auto Lensometer
  • auto Lensometer
Model No.︰YLM-3000
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

Optical equipment auto lens meter digital lensmeter auto focimeter with UV Blue Ray Measurement

The Auto lensmeter is designed to measure vertex powers and prismatic effects of spectacle and contact lenses, to orientate and mark uncut lenses, and to verify the correct mounting of lenses in spectacle frames.

The auto lensmeter can measure the optical performance of spectacle lenses such as single vision, bifocal, and progressive power lenses or contact lenses

The Auto lens meter with simply optional menu, with corresponding touching key on the LCD, to makes the operating convenient and efficient.

Sphere -25.00 ~ +25.00D (Steps 0.01/0.12/0.25D )
Contact lens -25.00 ~ +25.00D (BC=6.00 ~9.00) (Steps 0.01/0.12/0.25D )
Cylinder -10.00 ~ +10.00D (Steps 0.01/0.12/0.25D )
Axis 0° ~ 180° (steps 1°)
Add 10.00 ~ +10.00D (Add, Ad2, Ad3) (Steps 0.01/0.12/0.25D )
Prism 0.00~15.00Δ (steps 0.01Δ)
UV and Blue light measure (Transmittance and Barrier)1%~100%
PD : Single eye: PD:20mm ~ 39.5mm; Double eye: PD: 40mm ~ 85mm (steps 0.05mm)
Lens diameter Φ15mm ~ Φ100mm
Display 5.7" colorful capacitive touch LCD screen

Blue tooth available enables the data and readings to be viewed through the smartphone.
Dot method Ink pad
Printer High speed thermal printer
Digital connector USB
Power supply AC (90V~240V); 50/60HZ
Max power 30W
Weight 3.43kgs
Dimensions 192mm×208mm×416mmProduct


Product Image

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