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Model No.︰R-3000
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

Product Description 
Adopting overall concentrated operation and large scale and improving performance. Automatical interlock between cross -cylinder lens and lens coordinates 
Sphere power: Range: +16.75 to -19.00D Step: 0.25D 
Cylinder power: Range: 0.00D to -6.00D (0.00D to 8.00D with additional lens of-2.00D) Step: 0.25D 
Cylinder axis: 0 to 180, 5 steps 
Cross Cylinder: +-25 diopters 
Cross-cylinder lens: +-0.25D 
Rotary prisms: 0 to 20 ,1 steps 
Auxiliary lens dial: O-Open aperture (two positions) 
R-Retinoscopic lens, +1.50D P-Polarizing lens, (45left eye, 135 right eye) WMV or RMV -Maddox rod, vertical white - left eye Red - right eye WMH or RMH -Maddox rod, horizontal white - left eye Red - right eye GL- Green Lens RL-red Lens +.12- +0.12D Sphere PH- Pin hole 10 or 6 -10 base-in-left eye 6 base-up-right eye (Dissociating prisms) +-.50 -+-0.50 fixed cross cylinder OC- Occluder P. D. adjustment: 48-75mm,1mm steps
 Standard Accessory : One near point card with holder and rod, dust cover, face shield and case for lenses. 
Standard Accessory lens:Two-.12D and -2.00 cylinder lenses. Two plano lenses for sealing front opening 
Dimensions: 345*350*155(mm) 
Net weight: Approx.4.5Kg

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