Auto-confirmation flipper (commodative vision training instrument)

Auto-confirmation flipper (commodative vision training instrument)

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Our auto-confirmation flipper (accommodative vision training instrument) is used to change the accommodative stimuli.

The front lens decreases the accommodative stimuli, the negative lens increase accommodative stimuli, and collective stimuli remain unchanged. Hence, the update of the accommodative collection is accompanied by disparity vergence with the same scope while inverse direction. It can perfect accommodative speed, increase the accommodative scope, improve the deficiency of accommodation lag and functions, relieve visual fatigue effectively.

Being a modern eye-care instrument, it can train the functions of your eyes whenever and wherever possible, playing the self-potentials of eyes, increasing reading speed, enhancing visual clarity, and making eyes be more comfortable. It has multitudes of features, such as regulations for switching time between positive and negative lenses, easy operation, strong functions, and obvious effects.


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